LIMN Design Studio was established under the shared vision of Mary Fobes and Mike Sullivan. Our name, LIMN, is a verb defined as “to represent in drawing, to portray in words, to illuminate.”  We believe this definition is a fitting representation of our design ethos - where we strive to create a design solution that truly reflects our individual clients.

We work with a common belief that the value we bring is through integrating the best practices developed over time with our shared values of integrity, hard work, and craftsmanship. Although we are Minnesota natives and trained Interior Designers, we each bring an individual perspective, a unique set of skills and personal life experiences resulting in a strong and multi-faceted design team. We pride ourselves on our Midwest heritage, and as much as we believe in creating truly bespoke designs, we do so not simply for the sake of making it custom but to elevate our craft with the intent of creating stronger solutions, carried out with an economy of materials and resources. Our goal is to show our clients that good design is a strategic investment that positively influences one’s daily life.

We offer a full spectrum of commercial and residential interior design services tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our focus and interest involves the understanding of the human experience and how the spaces we live in affect our daily lives. We see ourselves as stewards of our client’s resources as we work toward a design solution that embraces their unique needs and desires and reflects their identity both at work and at home.